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About Us
    Li-Heng medical translation (Registration No.: 4401042023936) is a professional translation company which specializes in medicine, medical equipment and pharmacy. We work exclusively with qualified translators from these specialist areas. This means your documents are accurate and easy to understand even after translation. Over many years, we have provided professional medical and pharmaceutical translation services to hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, clinicians, and researchers and won wide and high praise.
    In Li-Heng med-trans, domestic professional medical translators and returned overseas scholars converge together, working at the fields consisting of foreign and domestic medical theories and clinical applications, biological pharmaceutical technology, new drug application files as well as medical devices, cosmetics and other medical related areas.  Li-Heng Translators work closely with clients to ensure that translations are 100% accurate and exceed the clients' expectations.
    Our professional translators are from famous medical, pharmaceutical universities and colleges, research institutes, who have a wealth of translation experience and bilingual backgrounds. 90% of them have a Master’s degree, while our project managers are shouldered by Doctors of Medicine or Pharmacy. We have more than 50 part-time translators.  Li-Heng med-trans support translation of dozens of languages including English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, etc.
    With the professional and meticulous work style of translation team, we stringently and conscientiously provide you specialized language solutions and remove the language barriers. With our professional and focused, we unremittingly to provide you with the medical-pharmaceutical translation services and products.
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